Boca Juniors

   Boca Juniors Football Club is a world-renowned sports club in Argentina, known to football world. The home is located in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The Boca Juniors Club has 18 international championships, including 6 winners of the Copa Libertadores, 3 Toyota Cups and 25 Argentinean champions.

   Boca originally used pink shirt, but soon after giving up to young.Black and white straight. Until 1906 and another team with the same style of jersey agreement held in the playoffs, the winner can retain the original style of the shirt, and the negative side to wear to wear other styles, Boca unfortunately lost, when the team did not change Of the program, decided to use the first boat into Buenos Aires port flag color as a shirt, the results of the ship is from Sweden, so the use of the Swedish flag of the blue and yellow colors into a new shirt color . At the beginning of the style is a blue diagonal ramp, and then changed to a blue cross yellow. 

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